KMN Jojoba Milk Gentle Face & Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin 200ml

KMN Jojoba Milk Gentle Face & Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin 200ml



Traditionally hand made in the UK, this effective sensitive skin lotion, uses 100% natural ingredients. Non-perfumed, KMN Jojoba Milk is a gentle and effective way to add moisture to dry, itchy sensitive skin. Specially formulated to be gentle on the face and body, with tomato extract and carrot tissue oil known for their ability to smooth, condition and promote healthy skin.


  • Adds moisture
  • Reduces redness
  • Calms skin
  • Prevents itching
  • Paraben Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Gentle on sensitive skin

Not tested on animals. Hand Made In The UK, 100% Natural Ingredients.

To Use:

Apply a generous amount to the skin morning and evening as required. For best results use KMN range of natural skin lotions and creams. 

Sensitive Skin Conditions

Symptoms of sensitive skin can vary from person to person. Sensitive skin, can be dry, cracked, red, and itchy. People with sensitive skin need to moisturise and avoid creams and lotions that can trigger a reaction such as perfumed lotions etc. If you suffer from dry sensitive skin, try to avoid very hot showers or baths and make sure that you keep your skin moisturized at all times. This will avoid the area becoming red and dry. It is thought that lotions are better for sensitive skin conditions as they are light and not greasy. Creams are good for those who suffer with extreme dry skin conditions. If you experience your skin becoming dry throughout the day, apply some KMN Jojoba Milk Gentle Face & Body Lotion for Sensitive skin. This gentle lotion will give you some relief of itching and dryness.


Jojoba oil, wax and butter - Jojoba is the only oil that closely resembles human sebum (an oily substance naturally produced by the oil glands below the skin surface) so it is perfect to help balance the condition of the skin, naturally. Coconut oil - Naturally antibacterial and antifungal, coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer as it can penetrate skin better than other oils. Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Extract - Calms and protects the skin, whilst boosting natural moisture and vitality. Oatmeal - Oatmeal acts as a natural moisturiser by removing the dead skin cells. Rice Flour - Rice contains natural sun-protecting agents. Being a good anti-inflammatory agent, rice powder also soothes sunburns. Calendula flower extract - Calendula helps to keep the skin healthy and youthful looking. Organic Cucumber extract - Cucumber extract is a superfood for skin. The juice is composed largely of proteins, lipids, Vitamin C, and a variety of minerals, and possesses moisturizing and emollient properties. Borage Seed oil - As Borage Oil has such high levels of GLA, it has incredible hydrating benefits for skin, perfect for sensitive skin issues. AC Plant Keratin from Corn and soy proteins - AC Plant Keratin provides lasting benefits and nourishment to the skin. Hyaluronic Acid -  Being able to Hold 1000 times its own weight in water, Hyaluronic acid is the number one ingredient when it comes to anti ageing. Vitamin E - Vitamin E oil works to block free radicals from the body, which play a large part in the aging process. Allantoin - Allantoin helps to soften and protect while actively soothing skin.  


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