KMN 100% Natural Dermatitis Skin Treatment Cream 100ml

KMN 100% Natural Dermatitis Skin Treatment Cream 100ml



KMN Dermatitis Skin Treatment Cream is specifically formulated with Manuka Honey known for its healing properties including reducing skin redness. This skin treatment is packed with 100% Natural Ingredients. 

  • Heals the skin to reduce inflammation
  • Soothing 
  • Keeps skin hydrated
  • Calms down itching
  • Paraben Free
  • Sulfate Free

Not tested on animals, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, hand made in the UK 100% Pure Natural Ingredients

Dermatitis is a skin condition that is also known as a type of eczema. People who suffer with these conditions have irritated dry skin that may crack and cause weeping and discomfort. Dermatitis usually affects the hands and face areas, but can be present in other parts of the body where it is less common. These very dry and irritated skin conditions require ongoing treatment in the form of moisturisers (creams) and lotions. This is to hydrate the skin to prevent it from becoming dry and to alleviate the itchiness. 

Bacuri Butter  (platonia insignis, clusiaceae) - From the Brazilian Rainforest, Bacuri butter is known to penetrate the skin quickly. With its high absorption rate this butter performs well on damaged skin conditions. Oatmeal extract - Oatmeal can help treat skin irritation, itching and rashes. Organic aloe vera leaf juice (Aloe Barbadensis) - Aloe vera is widely used in the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions like dermatitis. 
Vitamin E (tocopherol) -  One of the best remedies for dermatitis is vitamin E oil. Organic manuka honey extract - Honey is a natural healer and helps reduce the inflammatory condition of the skin. Chamomile (anthemis nobilis flower) oil - Reduces itching and irritation. 




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